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We have selected the most common questions from our customers to help you with you.

What is the customer portal?

The Customer Portal is a relationship channel established between VCG and its customers. You can ask questions in this portal about your unit, send the statement of the acquired unit and issue the payment slip.

I am a customer, but I do not have a password, how do I access the customer portal?

After signing the purchase agreement, the client can access the Portal using their CPF number [individual taxpayer registration number] as the login and password.

When do I get the keys to my unit?

To receive the keys, the client will go through three steps, as follows:

1   – A Condominium Implementation Assembly will be held, where the elected Manager will proceed to an inspection and the receipt of the common areas.

2   – The Customer must settle the debt on the property in full..

3   – The units will be inspected in the company of the customer, resulting in the signature of a term of receipt.

Customers who opt for bank financing will be considered settled after providing proof of registration of the financing contract with the Registration Number of the Property in the competent Property Registry Office. Thus, upon receipt of the common areas and the duly inspected apartment and the signature of the terms of receipt, only the customers who have paid paid the full prive for acquiring their units, or in the case of bank financing, have signed and registered the contract, presenting VCG with the property registration number from the respective property registration office will be considered qualified to receive the keys.

What is an inspection?

The inspection of the common areas is part of the procedure for the final delivery of the Enterprise in order to establish it as a Condominium. During the inspection, the manager, elected in a Condominium Implementation Assembly, together with a VCG professional, will verify all details and of the common areas and sign the respective term of acceptance.

The unit inspection is also part of the unit and key delivery procedures, and is carried out after inspection of the common areas. Throughout its duration, the inspection verifies compliance of the frames, finishes and facilities in general . If any reservations, the construction company establishes a deadline for compliance and the owner is called again to verify the corrections. When all corrections are resolved, the unit will be able to be delivered to the buyer.

How is the inspection of the common areas performed?

After the condominium implementation assembly, an inspection will be scheduled with the elected manager and the technical team of the project, covering all common areas of the enterprise. The manager will sign the respective term of receipt and, if there are any reservations or apparent defects, those will be detailed in a list to be attached, enabling the subsequent correction by VCG’s technical team.

What is condominium implementation assembly?

It is the first meeting between the investors (buyers), with the presence and action of the VCG team. In this meeting, besides the election of the manager and counselors who will work in condominium management, minutes will be drafted – a document required for obtaining the CNPJ [Corporate Taxpayer Registry] – which will allow the community to practice the legal and fiscal actions necessary for its administration.

When do I start paying maintenance fees?

If the property was acquired during construction, the client initiates the payments after receipt of common areas by the manager; if the property was acquired after the construction was completed, payment commences from the signing of the purchase agreement. In both cases, the payment is not linked to the receipt of the keys. For more information about the condominium fee, the moment when this will be your responsibility, kindly check the provisions in your sales agreement/promissory unit purchase contract

Why do I need to pay property tax, garbage fees, condominium fee among others, even before the key delivery?

The conditions for payment are agreed in the purchase and sale agreement, therefore, from the delivery process of the common area of ​​the project carried out by VCG in conjunction with the elected Manager, homeowners will now take over the maintenance and upkeep of the condominium, even if the unit is still being paid for or is going through the compliance adequacy process, upon payment of the aforementioned rates.

Can I modify my property?

Some VCG enterprises offer a customization option for the acquired unit, which is expected before its release. If this is the case for your property, you can change the space layout, facilities and finishes, for example – provided that such changes are reviewed and authorized by the VCG’s technical department, taking into account the best practices and provided they are not contrary to the standards applied.

How can I obtain blue prints of the constructions in progress?

Attached to the contract, the owners receive the blue prints of the acquired unit, containing the main dimensions and scale. After the delivery of the keys, the owners receive the owner’s manual, which will include the blue prints as-built (exactly as they were performed), for small adjustments in the approved project may occur due to adjustments deemed necessary for technical resolutions of the project, involving the project infrastructure (eg, structural, hydraulic and electrical). Slight variations may also occur in the free dimensions of the parts as a result of the final finish of the walls. Site measurements may also be checked during a visit to the unit

In the case of developments that offer the possibility of modifications, how will heir budgets be defined?

The budgets include debts values ​​(modified items) and credit values ​​(standard items not used). Considering the dynamics of the procedures adopted by VCG, if the budget of the changes justifies manages credits, they will not be returned under any circumstances. If the owner approves the budget, a contractual amendment will then be drafted.

How can I track the work progress?

One can follow the work progress through the site by clicking:   choose the option where your unit _ work status is. On this page, you can check out graphs and photos for the project. It is also possible to schedule visits to the construction sites, provided they comply with the timelines established by the technical team, and that such visits are previously authorized by the Incorporation Engineer.

How can I visit my unit, Do I need to book a visit?

Request a visit through the SAC (customer service), and VCG will answer you about on-site visitation opportunities. All visits will be scheduled at least 02 days in advance, and only on Fridays. Every customer should be accompanied by the engineer or designated representative, no exceptions made.

Remember that, as stated in the Complete Specifications delivered upon the signing of the promissory unit purchase contract or the sales agreement, “visits are not allowed during the 180 days preceding the delivery of the construction, because we are already in the process of finalizing”

When and how can I transfer the ownserhip of my property?

You can complete the ownership transfer, after the registration of the completion of the building, provided that the unit is properly settled and should therefore contact the SAC, stating interest in registering the unit, informing your Notary of preference, if any. The VCG team will follow up internal procedures, forwarding them to the department in charge to request and analyze all documentation necessary. After this step, the signature and registration of the ownership deed will be booked, registered at a later time by the Buyer, finalizing the transfer process.

What property value will be registered in my ownership deed?

For bookkeeping purposes, the carrying amount of the unit will be considered, ie the one contained in the sales contract / promissory unit purchase contract.

Can I request the transfer of the unit directly to someone else?

If your unit is paid off, you can assign rights concurrently with the granting of the deed, so that it is drawn directly on behalf of the assignee, with due regard to the particularities in the Promissory Unit Purchase Contract / Purchase and Sale Agreement. To do so, please contact the VCG’s Legal Department through the SAC.

How do I get a statement(s) of my unit (s)?

The financial statement may be issued by the customer through the Customer Portal.

How are the instalments updated in the financial statement?

The installments are restated in accordance with the promissory unit purchase contract / purchase and sale agreement, namely:

  1. a) Before delivery of the Project: “The instalments will be (are) corrected Monthly and cumulatively from the date of this Agreement by the INCC-M index (National Construction Cost Index – Market) of the Getulio Vargas Foundation. If applying given index is not possible, the construction index or another that represents the price variation of construction materials and labor for the term of this contract. “
  2. b) After delivery of the Project: this is important

I have not received my payment slip. How should I proceed?

If a customer has not received the payment slip, they should request a duplicate through the Customer Portal. If installments have been defaulted for more than 90 days, payment will be made by identified account deposit. In this case, it is necessary to request the account information through a call to Customer Portal. The absence of the payment slip does not exempt the customer from payment of the installment.

How can I pay installments in advance?

If there is interest in early settlement of one or more installments, the customer may open a request via the Customer Portal, and inform installments they wish to anticipate and on which date they will place the payment. In this case, we will inform the payment amount and the account to which the customer should make the deposit.

I want to hire financing through my bank. What should I do?

Customer must request the analysis of their financial conditions through the bank of preference for the purpose of having credit approved for the acquisition of the unit. VCG will mediate the process, submitting all the documents requested regarding both the seller and the property.
* Always keep up bank contact, name, e-mail and phone number updates. In the event of any changes, immediately contact SAC to update their records..

Can I use a forwarding agent to obtain my bank financing?

Yes, but VCG can suggest a forwarding agent to better serve the customer, in terms of financing processes and Real Estate Registry, thus granting greater flexibility and speed that the case requires, accelerating the process of releasing your keys. This option is the customer’s discretion.

How long does it take for the bank to finalize the financing process?

The deadline for obtaining financing and Registration is between 60-90 days, counted from the presentation of the documents requested by the Bank. However, changes may occur, depending on the bank’s performance in conjunction with the client as well as the credit assessment.

What guarantees are there for any construction problems, and how should I proceed to request the necessary repairs?

According to the Warranty Agreement, which is an integral part of the contract:

  1. a) Visible defects, those seen with the “naked eye”, should be identified during the unit inspection, prior to the change, and should be registered in the Inspection Records for the completion of its repair by the VCG’s technical body. Examples: paint defects, tile and metal integrity etc.
  2. b) Hidden defects, ie those that are not seen with the “naked eye”: VCG customers are entitled to repairs as long as they comply with the deadlines established in the Warranty Terms, presented upon the delivery of the Agreement signed between the parties. As established by specific legislation, the structures of the buildings will have a five year warranty counted from the Property Completion.. To request the service, the Customer must contact the SAC and formalize their request, indicating the date, name, number of the apartment and contact phone numbers. Initially, we will schedule a visit for the technical evaluation. If there is a Construction defect, the repairs will begin within 30 days of the inspection.

When does warranty period count begin?

The warranty period stipulated for the material and / or service shall be counted from the date of delivery of the unit, provided it is for the first owner of the property, as follows:

Visible defects: 90 days for visible defects (those of easily identifiable, detected when the property is inspected).

Latent defects: 180 days for latent defects (those undetectable at the time of inspection, and that may arise during regular use).

Strength and Security: 05 year warranty for strength and structure of the construction. These are items related to the solidity of the building, which may jeopardize overall safety and may include parts and components of the building structure, such as slabs, columns, beams, foundation structures, restraints and retentions.

How do I request an electricity connection?

How do I request an electricity connection?

The individual eletricity connection should be requested to the Copel (Companhia Paranaense de Energia, or Para Electricity Company in English) concessionaire through the following contacts: Website: http:/ telephone Call Center: 0800 51 00 116 Always keep documents at a close range to speed up service.

Website : http:/
Telephon Call Center: 0800 51 00 116 Always keep documents at a close range to speed up service.